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Sports shorts, pants, loose t-shirts are generally fine. Avoid wearing tight clothes made from polyester.

Minimum duration is 1.5  hours. However, the session may take bit longer, depending on your energy flow and modality use.

Sessions are available 7 days a week at flexible timings 

Sessions held at client’s home, apartment, office or hotel. Alternatively, you can request a session at energy neutral Home Studio (SoR).

Yes, you can have session at Energy Neutral Home Studio SOR. At time of booking, please mention having session at Studio.

All sessions are primarily Chakras Healing based on One of the Specialty modality which clients chooses while booking session. Specialty modalities are Chakras Balancing Massage, Kundalini Energy Flow, Energetic Breathing or Tantric Healing

Energy healing session are not recommended during pregnancy. However, session can help recovering from post-natal depression and irritability.

Yes. Session is not recommended if you have a recent major surgery, skin infection, or undergoing treatment requiring radiation therapy.

A quiet, distraction-free room with appropriate heating of 25-30 Celsius. A free floor space for placing mat.

No Charge – if cancelled 4 hours prior session. 25% will be charged for all no-show and late cancellations.