Frequently Asked Questions

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The primary source of energy – “life force energy” or “kundalini”, or “chi” initiates from the pelvis region. In day to day activities it keep sitting at end of the spine.

During Tantric Healing session, this dormant energy is awakened using breathing, visualisation and tapping of the energy centres. After active flow of this energy, sattered energy is moved towards root chakra along with draining of the lymph. Once energy gathered and lymph drained, yoni/lingam centering starts.

During yoni/ lingam centering, slowly all energy channels, connecting root with spine are stimulated to reach a peak stage of prolonged high frequency energy flow. The aim of the session is to keep energy generating thru body in frequency higher than 3000 mHz. This high frequency energy helps cleaning blockages in three lower chakras, which 90% of the time are source of all emotional, sexual and physical instability.

In certain instances energy frequency reaches above 5000 mHz, where people have momentarily out-of-body experiences.

Chakras Balancing is same as Tantric Healing except it does not include de-stressing of root/sacral chakras and yoni/lingam centering.

The avergae frequency of energy achieved during this session is between 1000 – 2000 mHz

Sure! clients are encouraged to bring their partners with them for observations, emotional support or energy flow during session. However, it is also reminded that during energy flow and let-go phase, dark secrets hidden in sub conscious,  may come up, which people generally don’t want to share with partners. 

Men MUST bring their partners during first session to establish a neutral energy bond with the healer. 

Due to general misconception and association of tantra with sex, it sounds like a sexual session. However, during session, healer and recipient both completely remains in neutral and disconnected phase of energy.

At no time healer engages in the energy flow or taps int energy aura of the client.

Absolutely Not! As soon healer observed client getting into physical instead of energy arousal, energy flow will be terminated and body grounded.

Session is energy intensive leaving any need or feel of any “extra service” 

Not essential and only to level where you feel comfortable. At all times, clients remain under the sheet/blanket. Energy collection requires using oil and is best carried out with minimal clothes

Preferably no jewellery, no metallic articles including pins and buckles in clothes, polyester or extremely tight clothing


No details of clients are shared at any social media platform or any other agency. All contact details are managed using industry leading encryption tools.

NOT AT ALL – these are energy healing sessions and not an alternative to regular medical, psychological, chiropractor, remedial massage or any other treatment advised and offered by qualified medical health practitioners.

Both sessions are primarily chakras balancing & healing and includes energy initiation and flow, energetic breathing, energy centres tapping, energy blocks treatment, energy channels activation, full body lymph drainage. Tantric healing additionally includes balance and stress relieving of root & sacral chakras with yoni/lingam centering.

Energy healing session are not recommended during pregnancy. However, session might help recovering from post-natal depression and irritability.

Yes. Session is not recommended if you have a recent major surgery, skin infection, or undergoing treatment requiring radiation therapy. Please be aware, energy healing session IS NOT an alternative to medical treatment.

No Charge – if cancelled 4 hours prior session. 25% will be charged for all no-show and late cancellations.

Sessions are available 7 days a week at flexible timings 

Sessions held at client’s home, apartment, office or hotel. Alternatively, you can request a session at energy neutral studio in Huntingdale

Yes, you can have session at energy neutral home studio SOR. At time of booking, please mention having session at studio.

Avoid heavy food and alcohol at least one hour prior as one might feel uneasy during deep breathing.

Generally, clients are not requested to write reviews considering privacy. However, if someone wants to do so and not concerned about privacy, they are welcome.

Referrals are highly appreciated! For any referral, bothparties get a decent discount ranging from 25-50% off

In fact there is no certified qualification for energy healers and most practitioners attended seminars, workshops here and there and get a certificate!

Core strength of my practise and  experience is based on training and learning time spent with real masters as a humble student, years of dedicated practices, regimental routines and practical experiences with more than two thousand clients globally.

Professionally, I am a chartered engineer and loves learning new technologies.